Benefits of Hemp Water

Article Submitted by Express CBD Store

Hemp is a cannabis sativa derivative that is found in the Northern Hemisphere and it is used for industrial purposes. It can be found in various commercial items such as paper, textiles, and clothing. It usually does not get an individual high because it contains lower concentration of THC and higher concentrations of CBD.

Hemp oil or CBD oil can be extracted, and it can be used to manufacture things like moisturizing agents. It is also used to create beverages such as hemp water or CBD water. China is the world leader in hemp production and produces more than 70% of the world’s output.

Hemp has plenty of excellent health and heart benefits. The seed is full of omega-6, omega-3, and essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are not just good for the heart but also to prevent inflammation. Because of all the protein and fiber that is present, these seeds slow digestion, prevent elevated blood sugar, help the body to sustain energy. CBD and hemp can even help promote regular bowel movements.

Other benefits include a reduced risk of high blood pressure, stimulation of skin and hair growth, improved bone strength, and increased brain function. It is said that CBD helps to prevent Alzheimer’s too. Because it contains so many essential amino acids, it helps perform normal body maintenance of the cells, tissue, and organs.

Unfortunately here in the US industrial hemp farming has been banned so it has to be imported. Hemp has a lot of health benefits that could be used to help all of society from the young to the elderly. Most importantly you have no “high” feeling associated with CBD or hemp.