Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious illness (usually classified as a metabolism disorder) and comes in many forms other wise refereed to as types. The full name of this is disorder is diabetes mellitus which was named by Thomas Willis a physician who lived in the 1600s. The mellitius word comes form the Latin word “mel” which means honey. It was named so because there is a type of diabetes that makes the patient produce a lot of sugar in the urine thus the name. However since then 2 more types of diabetes disorders have been discovered bringing the total to three types.
Type one diabetes causes one’s pancreas glands to fail to produce enough insulin and thus no regulation of blood sugar. The causes of Diabetes of this type are inheritance i.e. the genes carrying the diabetism are found in the family line. This kind of cause has to be, in addition, be triggered by an infection by a certain type of virus. This means that in addition to having the diabetic genes one must have been triggered by environmental factors to suffer from type one diabetes.

Type two diabetes mellitus is usually diagnosed when an insulin resistance is noticed which may or may no be accompanied by a reduction in insulin secretion. This type of dibetes may be caused by abnormal genetic factors or most likely lifestyle choices. This means that an large intake of sugar could actually cause diabetes Mellitus type 2. This is generally due to the abnormal function of the insulin receptor.

Another type of diabetes, Gestational diabetes mellitus involving both the reduced responsiveness and the small secretions of insulin. Caused by pregnancy factors it quickly disappears after birth.
Exocrine Pancreatic Defects that cause diabetes include diseases such as chronic pancreatitis. Some drugs are also on the list of the Causes of Diabetes this include glucocorticoids and β-adrenergic agonists

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