Decrease your discomfort with foam cushions

Written by The Foam Factory

With years of use as well as wear and tear, your foam cushion would tend to become flat or saggy. You would notice this from the lack of bounce from your cushions. A sloppy cushion, apart from being uncomfortable, could also be detrimental to your posture could cause pains in your neck, hand and leg area.

If you are experiencing such discomfort with your furniture, whether that is a dining chair or a living room couch, you might opt for a foam seat replacement to remedy to this situation. Foam replacement projects are easy to carry out due to the ready availability of custom-cut foams to suit various uses.

If you are carrying out a foam replacement project as a measure to improve your comfort, you might want to opt for durable foams. Moreover, depending on the use, you might opt for fast-drying and antibacterial foams. Fast drying foams would be great for outdoor purposes for instance or if you have children that tend to spill beverages on your cushions.

A benefit of carrying out this DIY project is that it is cost effective and would allow you to choose the materials that you would be including. Having risen to the position of VP of a foam manufacturing company, Carlo Badalamenti has acquired considerable experience in helping his customers to choose the right foam for their seats.

The Foam Factory proposed an array of solutions for your foam replacement projects including custom-cut foams suited for indoors and outdoors use.