Do not ignore that pain in your belly

That pain you are experiencing in your stomach area may not be a symptom of a serious medical condition but a result of many food habits. Occasionally, that pain is a result of a serious underlying medical condition that will require immediate attention. But for many people, that abdominal pain is due to a culmination of various factors. Among them indigestion, stomach virus, constipation, food poisoning and allergies, gas and lactose intolerance have been mentioned more often. Medical attention needed pain may be caused by appendicitis, Gallstones, ulcers, hernia, Crohn’s disease, GERD and urinary tract infections. If you get fever, diarrhea, blocked stools and vomiting, stomach area sensitive to the touch and pain lasting for several days, it is time to contact your doctor. But for other types of abdominal pain caused mainly due to diet and dietary habits may require some changes to food you eat and the way you eat. Some people like to start all over again with a colon cleanser using a supplement such as Coleanse Diet.