Enjoy the beauty of Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada, and Connect with the Cosmic Sea

You can choose whether you are happy today. What is preventing you from making the necessary changes to live the life you desire? These are important questions to ponder.

Golden Touch see that every human health problem is the outcome of unresolved and powerful emotions or difficulties. Fear, for example, causes kidney damage, sadness causes lung damage, and wrath causes liver damage. All of this has been proven by traditional Chinese medicine and by modern medicine. You can, however, make the decision to change. You can choose to forgive those who’ve wounded you. You can promise yourself that you will no longer worry or fret about things you cannot change.

You must learn to protect your own personal strength. How you react to negative situations is entirely up to you. Make up your mind to change. Learn to direct and control the flow of your energy. Allow no one to tell you how to feel or whether you should be joyful right now.

Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch believes that by visiting powerful places on earth like Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada, we can connect with the Cosmic Sea. We can meditate on becoming a better version of ourselves.

Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch says this:

“A fresh present life can never be born from the patterns of the past. Why not just shake off the shackles of old thinking to establish a completely new lifestyle for the world instead of being bound to repeat the cycles of terrible failures?”