Go beyond your mouth to eliminate foul smelling breath

Guest post is provided by Coleanse. Mouth is only one place where bad breath occurs. Treating the entire digestive tract with a proven supplement such as Coleanse Diet to get a gentle colon cleanse can help you to eliminate bad breath.

Brushing alone won’t get the embarrassing bad breath out. Mouth is only a part where the digestive system begins and getting rid of bad breath requires treating the entire digestive tract.

Yes, the mouth is a place where bad breath can occur. Eating food such as onion and garlic can create a bad odor in your mouth. But this type of bad breath is temporary and it can be eliminated with brushing and rinsing. However, bad breath causing bacteria can occur deep inside your body in other parts of the digestive tract. When food start decaying inside the stomach and the digestive tract it can generate gas, toxins, and contribute to bad breath.

Proper maintenance of oral hygiene including brushing, flossing and rinsing and regular checkup with a dentist can improve the oral hygiene. To treat halitosis or bad breath beyond the mouth, you need many other steps including avoid eating spicy food to using a supplement such as Coleanse Diet to gently and effectively cleanse your colon.