How to improve your brain health

Whole body health includes body care such as exercises as well as brain health.  As you get older, your cognitive abilities decline and you may even develop dementia.  Here are some ways you can improve and maintain your brain health.

Keep a healthy body

Exercise your body regularly.  You do not have to exhaust yourself but exercise at least 30 minutes, three to four times a week.  Your mind will get the benefit of your fitness routine automatically.

Practice brain health

Engage in more stimulating discussions.  Learn a new language.  Visit new places.  Play games.  You will create new neurons and receive the benefit of increased brain health.


Practice meditation for few minutes every day.  Find a comfortable position to sit and focus on breathing or an object.  Block out all outside forces such as sounds entering into your mind.  If you do, think about it for a second and go back to what you are focusing.

Blood pressure

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level will increase the cognitive function of your brain.  Develop good habits that lead to better control of your blood pressure.  May be a glass of wine could help.  Consult your physician for help.

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