How to Reduce Daily Vision Fatigue

Eye strain is something that affects people on a daily basis. There are various ways you can be putting pressure on your eyes but perhaps one of the most common ways people may be hurting their eyes is through screen usage. Screens are everywhere, such as the TV you use to catch up on that new series everyone is talking about, the phone you use to text your family members, and your work computer.

Approaching screen usage wisely can help you effectively reduce fatigue, protecting your eye health and making you feel more comfortable throughout the day. This can be achieved by following some straightforward steps.

Light Exposure

When you use a device with a screen do you usually think about how far away it is from you? The distance between you and the screen is very important because it impacts how much light your eyes will absorb. Even if you have acuvue 2 lenses on the harsh lights can force your eyes to work harder than usual.

Distance is Half the Battle

The next time you sit down to watch a show in your TV room or the next time you sit at your desk to take care of some work, try sitting a bit further back. Quality lenses from a place like can help your eyes but only so much. You may not feel the difference immediately but this will put less strain on your eyes, especially after long periods of usage. If you find yourself squinting you may need a stronger prescription.