Invisalign® for crooked teeth of a young man

Background: Sean was a 24-year-old computer genius. He came to us after just having launched a major Internet company. He was a USC student when he came up with an idea for advertising on a major social media website. He left school to follow his dream. He launched his company, which grew exponentially in the first two years. He was dealing with Fortune 500 CEOs, investors, and top-notch business people. But he was plagued by a set of uneven, crooked teeth.

He came to us and said that he had to attend important meetings and make TV appearances for work, but was always embarrassed to smile, and even to talk, and this was a major obstacle for him.

Treatment: For Sean, based on a case evaluation, we decided that his crooked teeth could best be rectified through invisible braces. He told us that he’d wanted to get braces ever since he was 16, but his family couldn’t afford them. Now, as an adult, he couldn’t work and interact with people for his business looking like an adolescent with a mouth full of braces. Because of these limitations, the best option for Sean was Invisalign® — the clear alternative to braces. We took images of all of his teeth and uploaded them onto the Invisalign® website. Then the Invisalign® headquarters in Costa Rica fabricated 12 aligners for Sean, which gradually and systematically moved his teeth into a perfect smile. He made a strong commitment to wear his aligners on the schedule that we gave him. He was able to go on with all of his business endeavors without the pain, inconvenience, or the recovery downtime of traditional braces.

End result: The aligners were very comfortable. He would wear them during the day and talk with them in. They weren’t at all noticeable in his mouth. After 12 months, this Internet guru actually looked the part he was playing. He was a huge success, and had the smile to prove it.

Dr. Solomon started his passion for helping others at a very young age. Despite the challenges of moving to a new country at the age of 14 and loosing his father only one year thereafter, Sid Solomon managed to build himself a life in the United States and attend Dental School at UOP. He has always provided free clinical care to patients in need throughout the years.