Lower LDL cholesterol with Cellan Diet

In common usage, we call it “good” or “bad” cholesterol. Of course we are talking about HDL and LDL levels in our blood. Even though we call it “bad,” LDL cholesterol is vital to your health because it contains a fat-soluble nutrition. However, having a lot of it that cause lop sided ratio between “good” and “bad” cholesterol is certainly bad for you. But another nutrient known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) can get your “bad” cholesterol to work for you. In recent research, EGCG boosted the function of the LDL receptor on liver cells. It is important because your liver captures circulating LDL cholesterol and recycles them in order to improve your health.

Green tea known to have an abundance of EGCG and that’s why Cellan Diet contains 100 percent green tea extract in it. Another important ingredient in the battle with LDL is leptin that limit the fat absorption by your system. Cellan Diet is rich with leptin due to use of inner parts of African Mango that is known to contain leptin. Together Cellan Diet helps to lower your LDL blood cholesterol. Dr. Michele provides some good articles about African Mango & Cellan Diet.