Minnesota pushing residents to avail free flu vaccines

This fall, Minnesota residents have not been too eager to get vaccine shots for flu, and that is why the local government has decided to do its part in making sure that flu vaccines will reach their young constituents. While the state is not keeping record of the number of seasonal flu vaccinations administered by vaccine providers and retailers, the state’s Department of Health does keep track of the number of children how are given flu vaccine shots free of charge as part of the agency’s initiative to provide free immunization to children.

Kris Ehresmann, a vaccination professional, says that the public’s interest in free vaccines has fallen short of not being worthy of attention. The bright side is that the lack of clamor for vaccine supply points to the fact that there is more than enough to provide free flu vaccinations for everyone. Ehresmann hopes that with adequate supply comes great demand for and awareness of the benefits of flu immunization. This week Minnesota health officials are undertaking a campaign to push free vaccinations for influenza to the public.

The campaign, entitled “Ban the Bug”, includes many other clinics and health providers offering free vaccinations until the end of the year. Ehresmann is aware of the fact that this year’s flu season has so far been calm, and is not setting aside the possibility of things taking turns for the worse. The influenza virus has been consistent in making itself felt year after year, albeit differing in intensity from mild to serious cases. That is why vaccinations are still highly critical despite the seemingly calm health situation.