Obese can get help from Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a family of 28 different isomers found in meat and dairy products. Conjugated are double bonds of trans-fats. It is marketed as a dietary supplement that promotes lean muscle buildup. Users of any CLA supplements should know that the conclusive evidence to support health claims of CLA is still not available.

According to some experts and their studies, CLA plays a vital role in reducing body fat and improving muscle tone. It promotes apoptosis that kill fat cells. A recent double blind test, taking a CLA supplement showed an improvement in reducing body fat. In another study of men and women that received 4200 mg of CLA daily recorded 3.8 percent of body fat reduction compared to a group that received only a placebo. Other studies of CLA reveal that it contributes to reduce hunger and improve the feeling of fullness. Testing also shown an increase in insulin levels and resistance blood sugar of people diagnosed with diabetes. Another study that spanned over a year long period, overweight or obese people have shown a significant body fat mass reduction and promotion of lean muscles. However, users of CLA should use caution when seeking help from CLA to promote lean muscle mass.