Options for Increased Coverage for Medicare Patients

As a Medicare patient, do you sometimes wish you had insurance that covered recurring costs such as dental visits and regular prescription medication? The good news is that there are several other prescription options available for your specific needs.

As founder and CEO of EasyHealth, serial entrepreneur David Duel runs the 400-person Medicare platform EasyHealth, which uses technology to provide healthcare and insurance services to many satisfied patients throughout its region. He explains it this way, “If you are already on Medicare and you want something a bit more robust to cover your recurring expenses, it’ll be easy for you to upgrade to a Medicare Advantage Plan. If Medicare Advantage doesn’t satisfy your needs, you still have other options such as Medigap insurance.”

Medicare Advantage is a convenient upgrade offered to patients enrolled in traditional Medicare plans. If you are a Medicare patient, you can request Medicare Advantage from the insurance company that covers you medically. Medicare Advantage will cover recurring health expenses, such as dental care or frequent use of healthcare services.

David Duel continues, “If out-of-pocket expenses are putting a strain on your budget, Medicare Advantage can be a big help. But you should be aware that you’ll still be paying for certain services out of your pocket. That’s why you should also consider the other insurance programs your state provides.”

Medigap is another valid option, especially if you are over 65. Medigap can provide comprehensive coverage for costs Medicare doesn’t provide, such as deductibles, co-payments, and healthcare outside of the U.S. “The healthcare industry is adaptable. If you take the time to look, you’ll find an option for your needs,” David Duel remarked.

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