Salon Treatments for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair makes your hair look unattractive, dry and brittle. This ultimately affects your entire personality. Therefore, you must consult a professional for the treatment of your damaged hair. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon, following are the common salon treatments that you can help you in hair damage treatment:

Pro Fiber hair care treatment is an in-salon treatment that offers three targeted treatments for different levels of hair damage. This treatment system contains chemicals that can penetrate the hair and can stay in the hair even after several washes. The treatment results in re-plumped, healthy-looking and shiny hair.

Heat cure is a heat-activated salon service that instantly restores damaged and overly-processed hair. The restorative formula is made up of a blend of proteins and plant oils. This formula is applied to freshly washed hair after being run over by a hot straightener. The protein-rich formula penetrates into the hair’s cortex to restore damage while smoothing the cuticle and infusing the hair with shine. This treatment will make your hair look healthier for as many as 10 washes.

Fusio-Dose treatments use a mix of active ingredients. This treatment provides instant transformation. Your hairstylist will use the Kerastase diagnostic camera in order to examine your hair. After getting a professional diagnosis, your hairstylist will create a custom blend of active ingredients that is prepared according to your hair’s requirements. The treatment is massaged into your freshly washed hair and Justify for 5 minutes. This treatment is effective up to several shampoos.

You can make an appointment at Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA, to get your treatment for your damaged hair.