Stick to your fitness routine

It is a daunting task to stick to your fitness routine. There are many distractions out there to take you out of your program and into an unhealthy activity. It takes determination and effort to stick to your routine. Here are some motivation tips that will help you to stick to your program.

Motivation tip No. one: Chose your fitness program for right reasons. Studies show that fitness programs based on external reasons don’t stick. But those who are internally motivated such as you chose your program because you love it, tend to stay with the program.

Motivation tip No. two: Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. You need to commit to your program. Also, do not just stick to one or two types. Try as much as possible. If you only using machines, try yoga, Tae Kwon Do, or something else until you find your happiness.

Motivation tip No. three: Mix it up. Cross training will keep your routine interesting. Mixing will enhance different parts of the body too.

Motivation tip No. four: Keep practicing. More you do it, you get better at it.

Motivation tip No. five: Start slow and increase the intensity gradually. You are doing it for yourself, not to win a trophy.

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