Stress & Weight

There’s no arguing that we live in stressful times. The economy has been floundering for a while now, with many people working reduced hours or losing their jobs entirely.  The news is full of political fighting and stories about the casualties of war.  And obesity is a major problem in this country, and not just because so many people can’t afford that fancy weight loss program in Los Angeles. Is there a connection between the stress in our everyday lives and the weight we’re gaining?

There are studies that suggest yes.  Stress leads to disrupted sleeping patterns, and sleep is a major component to losing weight. Any decent adult weight loss camp you visit will work to make sure that you are getting enough sleep during your stay. Stress also causes us to lose focus on our diets and exercise plans. Some people choose to indulge in "comfort foods" as well.  What is more relaxing after a difficult day at work: exercising or crashing in front of the TV with a plate of cookies?

However, stress may have more of an effect than just habits that can be broken at a California fitness camp. It’s believed that stress causes higher levels of cortisol to be released. This doesn’t harm us in the short term but can have negative effects on our health over long periods.