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Boxing great Muhammad Ali close to death in hospital: source

Former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali was close to death in a Phoenix-area hospital on Friday, a source close to the family said. Ali, 74, one of the world's most celebrated athletes, was hospitalized this week for a respiratory ailment. Asked about Ali's condition, the source said: “It's extraordinarily grave.

Italian fertility doctor under arrest for eggs ‘theft’

A controversial Italian gynaecologist famed for helping women in their 60s to have children is under house arrest in Rome on suspicion of removing eggs from a patient's ovaries without her consent. Lawyers for Severino Antinori, who has been nicknamed the “grandmothers' obstetrician,” dismissed the charges as absurd and claimed Saturday that their client had been the victim of attempted extortion. Antinori, 70, was arrested at Rome's Fiumicino airport on Friday following a complaint filed by a 24-year-old woman who was treated for an ovarian cyst at the clinic, police said.

30 minutes of exercise is key to health in old age

Elderly men who do 30 minutes of physical activity six days a week are likely to have a 40-percent lower risk of death compared to couch-potato counterparts, researchers said Friday. For men in this age group, just a small amount of regular exercise — regardless of intensity — is as beneficial as giving up smoking, they said. In it, doctors enrolled thousands of men born between 1923 and 1932, who were given health checkups and volunteered information about their lifestyle and physical activity. The researchers were struck by the impact of regular physical exercise during the 2000-2011 period, when the volunteers were aged in their seventies or eighties.

Justice Department sides with transgender inmate in Georgia lawsuit

The Obama administration on Friday weighed in on the side of a transgender Georgia prison inmate who is suing the state over prison officials’ refusal to provide treatment such as hormone therapy. On Thursday, a federal judge ruled that California must provide sex reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate.