Reaching out for a cup of coffee to give you an energy boost? New research shows a 20 minute nap will give you much better results.

Unlike caffeine which has the effect of decreasing memory performance and energy levels, a nap can do wonders for you by refreshing your mind and giving a new energy boost increasing your productivity and alertness.

A 20 minute nap on a regular basis will make you feel more relaxed and stress free, thereby reducing the temptation to reach out for alcohol or cigarettes. This in turn has been shown to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, especially in young healthy males.

An afternoon nap is very important for people who do not get proper sleep during the night and can reduce drowsiness and lethargy that accompanies lack of sleep. Lack of proper sleep regularly is a factor which leads to obesity in both children and adults.

The best is to have a 30 minute nap after lunch, or between 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm when there is a dip in energy levels. In some cultures, especially in Italy and Spain a siesta is a part of daily life.

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