The 5 Elements of Feng Shui and How to Add Them to Your Garden

Article provided by Wicker Paradise.

The five elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, metal, earth, and water and each of these must be present and balanced in your garden in order to achieve Feng Shui.

In some cases, especially in tiny gardens, you can choose items that have more than one element to them. A birdbath that is clay, for example, can work for both the earth water elements.

Wood – is easy to include by using wicker patio furniture, wooden latticing, or even just a simple bench. You should beware of adding large things like a gazebo, a tree house, or a deck, however, since these have too much wood.

Fire – can seem to be fairly challenging to add, but one simple way is to add lighting in your garden that has the shape of fire. You can also have something like a wind chime that has fire designs.

Metal – can be used in wind chimes as well, but can also be paired with wood in a lovely bench, as part of a birdbath, or any number of other small details. It can also be added by small metal figurines.

Earth – can be added in the form of clay pots or even by rocks on the sides of your path. Since the earth itself is present wherever the soil is seen, try not to add too much.

Water – is also easy to add and can be anything from a birdbath to a small pool. This can be quite relaxing to you as well as good for the wildlife.

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