The 5 Worst YouTube Skincare Tips

A healthy and youthful skin is actually the secret of why there are some who look beautiful and radiant even if they are already old. Thus, having a smooth looking and glowing skin can absolutely boost one’s self confidence. No doubt that the outer skin speaks up for your inner self. It only conveys that you love your skin as much as you love your own self. Almost all people wishes to have a healthy skin. So, since they give importance on taking care their skin, skin care  and beauty products are now available in the market to help them achieve their goals but definitely avoid any problem or skin complications by consulting your doctor for skin care advices  about your skin type can greatly help you to avoid the following  worst YouTube skincare tips:

  1. Buying Harmful Products

Since everybody wants to instantly attain the beauty and youthful looking skin they want, a lot of them easily buy beauty and skincare products without even consulting a doctor. A lot of them get easily convinced by advertisements and commercials without knowing that the beauty product they have bought contains chemicals that are actually harmful and damaging to the skin. Products like lotion, make up, lipstick, and cleanser with harmful chemical content actually irritates the skin.

  1. Picking at your skin

Don’t pick at blemishes or your pimples, blackhead or whitehead. Although you don’t want to be walking around with reddish pimples on your cheeks, still, a lot of skin care professionals will not allow you to touch or pick it for it will just be irritated. You should know the right thing to do with those   blemishes on your face.

  1. Washing your skin with a bar soap

Bar soaps, specifically laundry detergents are designed to wash your clothes and is not intended to be used for your skin. The moment that you wash your skin with a bar of soap , it only worsens the dryness of your skin for the chemicals found on it causes your skin to immediately strip, which will eventually create dead skin cell buildup. Thus, if ever you have washed your skin with soap, then you should   quickly put moisturizer to avoid the dryness of your skin. Using not scented and mild soap is far better than using a bar soap.

  1. Not using sunscreen

Without even knowing it, sun exposure is actually the number one cause of wrinkles. Too much exposure to the harmful UV rays can actually make you look you older. A lot of people are just walking around under the heat of the sun without even having any protection from it. So, using moisturizer having sunscreen 365 days a year, whether you are inside or out of your house is a must. The earlier you apply it, the better! The best lightweight and non-pore clogging sunscreens that you should buy must contain at least 6% of Zinc Oxide to avoid any skin irritation and to maintain the beauty of your skin.

  1. Not using an alcohol-free toner

Some people thought that cleansers and any commercial product they are using will help them attain the beauty that they want but in reality, those cleanser having alcohol is actually irritating to the skin. Toners that are alcohol-free is actually a perfect way to cleanse your skin naturally and stay hydrated even when it is so hot.

The skin cells are actually like fish. It needs water to remain healthy and without water, they will eventually die prematurely, making the skin dry and unhealthy. So, if you want to be beautiful in and out, then taking care of your skin will definitely help you achieve the flawless and healthy skin that you are dreaming of.