The Benefits of DIM

For most researchers and scientists who have spent years of their life finding a cure for cancer or AIDS, the compound DIM has provided a breakthrough like no other. For one, there is no other compound like this one as it is not only considered to be one of the most versatile compounds in molecular biology but there are unique advantages that have raised eyebrows in the scientific community once its contribution to medicine was confirmed by UC Berkeley scientists.

To say the least, there are several benefits to this compound that are becoming evident to the medical community through various clinical trials and tests, and here are a few of them:

Benefit #1: Protection of the body’s organ and the Immune system

Not only is this compound used as medication for incurable diseases but has met with rave reviews as an immune system booster. The reason for this is because it increases Interferon-Gamma production that will not only increase the level of protection for the body’s organs but also boost the immune system against both bacterial and viral diseases.

Benefit #2: Direct Anti-cancer properties

As mentioned earlier, Diindolylmethane has been touted to be the most versatile compound as well due to its direct anti-cancer properties. Due to this, it is currently being tested by the National Cancer Institute for its effectiveness against all forms of cancer while also being used in conjunction with Taxol (the current course of medication) to see whether it increases the effectiveness of treatment or not.

Benefit #3: Anti-inflammatory properties

Arthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are diseases which have chronic inflammations as its symptoms, and it’s painful to deal with. This compound can ease your pain by reducing the Nuclear Factor Beta Kappa activity that is responsible for the inflammation in the first place.

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