Top workout tips for summer

Fitness workouts in the summer need special care. Most of you will be outside with very little cloths. So, you are exposed to more sun and its harmful effects. Here are some tips for summer workouts.

  • Its summer. You need more than just SPF protection especially if you are outside. Try SPF workout cloths. The protection is already built into cloths. If possible wear a hat.
  • The best time for an outside workout, running, jogging and others is early morning before sunrise or late evenings after sun goes down.
  • Drink lots of fluids. I mean water. You need more water in your body to combat increased temperature. Develop your own measurement for the amount of water you need to drink within the day.
  • If you like outdoors don’t limit yourself to just running, hiking, biking etc., you can get engaged in gardening, swimming, rope jumping, and even running through sprinklers with your kids.
  • Try something new for summer. Aquatic aerobics and Pilates are hot for this summer.
  • Beach is always a good place for summer. Running, walking, playing volleyball and other activities on sand are more challenging. They involve more muscle groups than other activities and it will be good booster for your workout routine.