What is a Gluten Free Diet?

Excluding protein gluten is when a diet is considered gluten free.  Gluten is typically in grains: barley, rye, and wheat.  Triticale, which is also a cross between rye and wheat, has gluten that can be found in it.  Some foods, especially at restaurants are hard to distinguish whether it has gluten in it or not.  Even the smallest trace of gluten can make an individual sick if they have Celiac Disease.

Why is it used?

People who have Celiac Disease will need to eat a gluten free diet.  Gluten can cause inflammation within the small intestines when a person who is allergic to gluten still consumes it.  When following a gluten free diet, the signs and symptoms will be much less and will no longer prevent any further health conditions.

It takes getting used to

Like anything, following a gluten free diet will take a little work.  It can be a little overwhelming at first.  This is because there is so much information that needs to be taken in, there are so many foods you are no longer able to have, and you may not know where to turn to for advice.  There are many support groups that can be useful to someone who is struggling with this issue.

Following a gluten free diet will benefit you, not only by reducing the symptoms, but also making you a healthier person.  If a person who is allergic to gluten continues to consume it, it can lead to further health complications.

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