Why DIM Deserves so Much Attention

Cancer has been a frustrating disease to deal with by millions of people around the world along with the doctors who have to see their patients suffer while there is no cure. And only recently all this has changed due to the extraction of a compound known as Diindolylmethane from the Brassica family of vegetables.

Strangely enough, in working with other compounds, this compound is being tested in order to find a cure for several viral and bacterial diseases that have been the bane of mankind for so long now. If you didn’t like cabbage, cauliflower and your green veggies when you were a kid, it won’t be long before you realize how right Mom was since DIM is extracted from these very veggies, and is helping researchers make advances in the field of cancer among other diseases.

But that’s not all: ever since this compound has received a bit of attention for showing positive results in clinical trials and the like, there has been another development that has also received a lot of positive attention.

Yes, we’re talking about the use of this compound in the form of an immune system booster, and in being able to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer by almost 40 to 60 %, this has culminated into one of the biggest finds in medical research history.

And while the clock ticks for several cancer and AIDS patients around the world for whom there is no cure, you can be sure that the years ahead will bring some progress in finding a cure.