Why DIM is so important?

From childhood, you would have heard your mother emphasizing that one should eat green leafy vegetables, and what scientists have discovered recently is that the compound Diindolylmethane present in these vegetables (namely from the Brassica family) has immune strengthening and anti-cancer properties.

While the discovery has been recent, there are clinical trials underway to see if this compound along with two others also known as Sulforaphane and Selenium that are found in these vegetables such cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli (oh, does that one ring a bell?) can be the cure to several diseases such as bacterial, viral and immune-related diseases.

In the meanwhile though, taking DIM in the form of a dietary supplement is not such as a bad idea as it not only supports the organs of the body along with cellular detoxification as well as establishing a healthy estrogen metabolism. But most importantly, it can work as an excellent immune system booster that is a very big benefit for those who are interested in increasing their energy levels but do not have time to exercise and so on and so forth.

And while the research for a cure for cancer is showing promising (but temporary results) one can simply lower the risk of cancer by eating vegetables regularly as well. Well, what you do know? Mom’s always right!