Why You Should Polarize Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses can add to your outfit but, as the name implies, they can also protect your eyes from the sun. There are numerous places where you can pick up a pair of sunnies up, from a street vendor at your local beach to a boutique shop at the mall. With so many options to choose from, you need to consider what it is you are looking for in a pair of glasses. Polarization is one addon option that might be pricey but it is definitely worth the cost.

Less Irritation

There are a number of different filters that can be added to a pair of glasses to make them more effective. Lens polarization is an essential addon that can protect your vision. The intense rays that are produced from the sun, standard LED bulbs, and other sources of bright lights can cause irreversible eye damage if your eyes are exposed for too long. If you have large pupils and are more prone to light-induced headaches, then the irritation from the sun can be fatiguing and can make it tough to remove your contacts.

Sharper Objects

Polarizing your lenses can be particularly helpful if you plan on spending time where the sun will reflect off of horizontal surfaces. Examples of this include sand, bodies of water, and snow. If you have gone to the beach without glasses before you might have noticed just how tough it can be to stare out at the water. The coating will reduce glare and cut down on the visible light reflections, making objects appear sharper and easier to look at for extended periods of time. The Lens.com contacts will help you see clearer but the polarization will help you spend less time squinting and more time enjoying the environment.