8 Different Types of Massage: Which One Is Right For You?

With all the demands of life and stress everyone experiences, we all look for something that can give us that soothing, calm and peaceful relief. That makes a well done massage really worth it. But hearing about the different types of massage, especially the popular ones, sometimes is confusing.

Be confused no more. In this article, you will learn about the 8 most common types of massage and their differences. You will understand which massage technique is the best massage NYC. Let’s get started.

gardenretreatspa31) Swedish Massage

This is the most common type of massage. It is simply a whole body massage that aims to relax muscles and joints through long and sweeping strokes at the start and end of the massage.

2) Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is applied to tight muscles that have resulted from repetitive strains, postural problems, muscle injuries or their combinations. It applies deep pressure targeting the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues. People usually feel sore for a few days after undergoing through this massage.

3) Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu originated from Japan and literally means “finger pressure”. It applies rhythmic localized finger pressure on various pressure points of the body. The technique aims to balance the energy flow. Although the pressure is firm, people generally don’t experience feeling sore after the massage.

4) Hot Stone Massage

This massage uses hot, smooth stones as weights on the body and, later used for the massage process itself. The hot, smooth stones warm the body and loosen tight muscles. The warming effect applied with a gentle pressure are very comforting.

5) Reflexology

Reflexology is similar to a foot massage. However, it actually applies pressure and targets particular body organs. It produces a very relaxing effect not only to the feet but the whole body as well. This massage is good for those people who have jobs that require them to stand all day.

6) Pregnancy Massage

This is a soothing massage for expectant mothers, but only done by certified massage therapists who are trained to handle pregnant mothers. The massage relieves pregnancy aches and pains, and reduces bodily swelling. It is also helpful in lowering down levels of stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

7) Sports Massage

This type of massage is specifically designed for physically active persons such as athletes. Its aim is to help the active person prepare for peak performance and likewise prevent injuries when engaging in physical activities. Sports massage is also designed to treat existing injuries. It is a combination of the various massage techniques that focus on areas related to sports.

8) Thai Massage

This massage moves and stretches the entire body through the therapist manipulating the movements in Yoga-like postures. It is also called “Yoga for the lazy” because you don’t have to do anything but to flow with the therapist’s stretches. This particular type of massage is more energizing and enhances the body’s flexibility. You can get a Thai massage from any Asian massage parlor NYC.

Now that you have an idea about the different types of massage, you can carefully consider which is right for your needs. You too can be relaxed and experience other health benefits that a good massage brings to the body. Choose wisely, enjoy the massage and give your massage therapist a good tip!