How to Have a Safe and Effective Ibogaine Treatment

In a sea of miracle cures, unsuccessful 12-step programs, and alternative therapies for depression and addiction, ibogaine has made its case based on its documented effectiveness at blocking the chemicals in the brain that cause cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms, including depression. Despite its demonstrated success in this endeavor, ibogaine is still illegal in America because of its status as a psychedelic drug and the potential side effects when ibogaine is taken without proper medical supervision.

However, if you’re interested in visiting an ibogaine clinic in Mexico, New Zealand, or the Netherlands, you might be wondering how safe ibogaine treatment is. The good news is that you can have a safe and effective procedure as long as you look for a treatment center that exhibits the following traits.

First, make sure the clinic where you are undergoing treatment is staffed with certified medical professionals. For example, Beond Ibogaine, an ibogaine treatment center in Mexico, has a treatment program directed by Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet, M.D., who is recognized as the world’s leading expert on cardiac care for ibogaine treatments. Beond Ibogaine is an example of a treatment center that puts its patients’ safety and needs first and foremost.

Second, if you are being treated for addiction, be honest about your most recent experiences with drugs or alcohol. If you have recently consumed drugs or alcohol, the medical staff at your treatment center need to know about it. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, they can give you a pharmaceutical substitution. You may also need to go through a detox protocol before starting your treatment. It’s important to ensure there is nothing in your system that may interfere with your treatment and cause unwanted side effects.