Dental Malpractice related to tooth extraction

Extracting a tooth is a huge thing for a person because it is like losing a part of your body forever. There are many reasons why you might need a tooth extraction. You might already be sad about it, but what happens when to make it worse, your dentist makes some kind of careless mistake during the process?

According to Los Angeles dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, many patients fall victim to a faulty tooth extraction process every year. If the mistake was purely the dentist’s and the dentist refuses to take accountability, then the case might be dental malpractice.

Here are some instances related to tooth extraction that may qualify for a dental malpractice claim:

The dentist failed to identify which tooth needed an extraction and why.

The dentist recommended extraction even though it was medically unnecessary just to earn more money.

The dentist did not use proper anesthesia during the procedure and caused a lot of pain for you.

The dentist extracted or began extraction in the wrong tooth.

The dentist caused nerve damage during the procedure, leading to serious issues like permanent chin or lip damage and partial paralysis.

The tools used by the dentist were not sterilized properly, which led to serious infections.

Keep in mind that these are only some examples. Even if your situation does not fit the examples, it might be considered dental malpractice. Again, even if your case matches any of the above, it might still not be a strong dental malpractice claim.

That’s why you should first get a consultation from an experienced and skilled dental malpractice attorney to confirm whether your case qualifies or not. If you are in California, you can contact Dane Levy, an OC dental malpractice attorney with a portfolio of success worthy of boasting.