Answers And Facts to – How Many Calories in A Banana

Bananas are the third most fruit globally and most people love eating bananas daily. Banana is considered as a healthy fruit with lots of benefits. They are commonly recommended for those who suffer from gastric ulcers and asthma. However, many people wonder about how many calories a banana contains? This article provides you some important information on the calories in a banana and other positive banana nutrition facts.

Bananas are available in different lengths and sizes and so they have been classified from extra small bananas to extra-large bananas. Different sizes carry different calories with them.

Extra Small Banana – This type of banana has a length up to 6-inches and possesses about 75 calories.

Small Banana – It is between 6 to 7 inches long and has approximately 90 calories.

Medium Banana – It has a length of 7-8 inches and has around 105 calories.

Large Banana – A banana having 8-9 inches length is identified as large banana having 120 calories.

Extra Large Banana – This type of banana has nearly 135 calories and has a length of more than 9 inches.

However, the above mentioned values of calories are approximate as just like the calories in an Orange changing due to its size, no two bananas can be exactly the same in length and size. Also the above calories are for raw bananas only and the values can differ if bananas are fried or cooked. Bananas are equally important for their nutrition values as they are very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, manganese and potassium. They are also high in dietary fiber and contain protein, fat and carbohydrates. However, bananas are very high in sugar.

Exposure to deep sunlight and high temperature can spoil the calories and nutrition values of bananas and so banana plantations are normally protected in order to get maximum benefits. Remember, a banana a day keeps you away from doctor.