Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Yes, you would have heard your mothers go on about the consequences of eating too much chocolate when you were kids. However, as in most cases, the love for this delightful little snack might have not lessened even one bit.

Yet you will be glad to know that the so-called effects of obesity and poor dental health that is associated with eating chocolate are myths, especially when it comes to the consumption of dark chocolate.

Benefit #1: Immunity

Thanks to the flavonoids present in dark chocolate such as catechins and epicatchechins, this has positive results in strengthening your immune system, thus preventing ailments as well.

Benefit #2: Depression

Since dark chocolate contains serotonin, and acts as an excellent anti-depressant, this will help you to counter depression especially if you consume a large amount of chocolate in the end.

Benefit #3: Heart health

With nutrients such as antioxidants and polyphenols, not only will you improve heart health due to the properties that they have, you also reduce the risk of cardiovascular health.

Benefit #4: Stress reduction

Consuming dark chocolate also helps in reducing stress due to the fact that it contains theobromine and caffeine, which work as stimulants that will produce endorphins and that feel-good sensation.

Benefit #5: Reduces bad cholesterol

It has been revealed recently that levels of bad cholesterol can be reduced by almost 10 to 12 percent by consuming a significant amount of dark cholesterol.

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