Book Review: Create Abundance The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛

The book “Create Abundance” by author, Zhang Xinyue, (创造丰盛) talks about how humans possess infinite strengths that they are often not aware of. Some of us may feel week or ineffective, but human beings have innate powers that they don’t fully understand.

Finding power in Unity

When we work together in harmony, we create positive energy that can make the world a better place. Conversely, when people hate each other or they’re angry with others, we create negative energy. We stop the positive energy from flowing across the universe and in our own lives.

What is infinite energy?

The universe supplies us with infinite energy. It is there for the taking. But when we don’t know or understand these concepts, we cannot take advantage of this infinite energy. Positive energy is created when we help each other, when we forgive, when we love and when we care for those around us. But we can also create negative energy by being unkind, selfish, angry and unforgiving.

Infinite Abundance

Author, Zhang Xinyue, teaches us about holographic cosmology. He says that we are all nonpareil beings with infinite strengths. The universe itself and mankind are both infinitely abundant. We are not isolated helpless individuals. We have great power deep within our soul. If we can learn to excess that power, then we will experience infinite abundance.

Create Abundance by author, Zhang Xinyue teaches that the cosmos is vast and unknowable to a large extent. Compared to that, humans are small. And yet, each of us contains great potential to become much more than we ever dreamed.