Cascara Sagrada, one of nature’s best laxatives

Article written by Coleanse Pills.

Barks of many trees are known to carry certain values including medicinal values. Cascara Sagrada bark is one of those that have many benefits. It is considered to be one of nature’s best stimulant laxatives that provide relief from constipation. Grown in damp meadows and under the shady woods, Cascara Sagrada is native to the North America. In certain parts of the North America it is also called California buckhorn. No wonder why Spaniards call it Sagrada or “sacred bark.” Native Americans used the bark to get relief from constipation, digestive issues, muscle and joint pain, gonorrhea, gallstones and dysentery. Cascara Sagrada works in the intestines by causing muscle contractions and move stools forward. Too much of it could cause cramping. Simulative activity is possible due to a chemical known as anthraquinones contained in the bark. This is why many products including Coleanse Pills contained certain amount of cascara Sagrada along with other known nature’s best laxatives.

Among many natural products to relieve constipation and other related conditions, Cascara Sagrada rank high. It can provide a gentle relief from occasional constipation. This is why Coleanse Diet contains the bark of Cascara Sagrada.