Cleanse or detox?

Fasting, dieting, detoxification and cleansing, are they all the same? Many use these words casually and interchangeably, but actually they carry many differences. Two of the most common concepts are cleansing and detoxification. Cleansing refers to mainly cleansing of the colon to get rid of accumulated partially digested food matter from the colon as well as colon walls. Whereas, detox involves with much more complex process including removal of toxins from the body to diet changes for a better outcome.

Whether it a detox or a cleanse that you practice, avoid using just a regular laxative, diets that provides less than recommended daily minimum calorie allowance, artificial and harmful chemical loaded products and others that may bring harm to your body. Not everyone needs a cleanser or detox. But if you are experiencing sluggish bowel movement, experience constant pain in the belly, fatigue and related symptoms, and similar conditions, it is time to use a gentle cleanser such as Coleanse made of all natural ingredients.