Colored Contact Lenses: Are They Safe to Wear?

Summary: Colored contacts are becoming all the rage. But what steps need to be taken in order to buy them?

If you are looking for a new way to experiment with your look, colored contact lenses can bring you a palette of colors that will diversify your closet.

Popular amongst celebrities like Selena Gomez, colored contact lenses are becoming a household item for many people thanks to advancements in contact technology. But, are they truly safe for the eyes? You have likely heard some outrageous stories that involve infections or blindness. This can be true in certain cases as a lack of care can cause recurring issues. However, this can be easily countered by following good eye care practices.

Talk with an Eye Doctor

People tend to run into trouble when they try and purchase colored contacts outside their eye doctor. These lenses are medical devices and not something you can find over the counter at a drug store. Although there are some outstanding deals online, some retailers work in a legally gray area and doing business with them may lead to health issues. Technically, even if you do not wear corrective lenses, or require a new prescription on your favorite Dailies Total1 lenses, you’ll need to visit the eye doctor first.

Trust Reputable Brands Only

While the Internet has made colored contacts readily available for everyone, any brand that does not require a prescription should not be trusted. recommends seeing your eye doctor before making any purchase to ensure you are getting the right fit and lens power.

The common issue with these unverified brands is that they aren’t shaped exactly the way your eyes sit. Remember, all corneas are not equal. Your eye requires a lens that sits flush on top. By wearing contact lenses that do not correctly fit your eye you run the risk of infection, irritation, and even potential blindness if you suffer from an infection.