Committing to Weight Loss

The lap band operation has been approved by the FDA , and the lap band system has helped many patients eat less food and feel fuller for a longer time. This method has helped thousands of patients to reach their goal weight and become healthier and change their life style.

The lap band operation helps patients that have tried dieting and exercising who have not seen results on the scale. This operation is less invasive and it has a faster recovery rather than the other weight loss surgeries. Most lap bands are done laparoscopically, making small incisions (the scars of which will become barely visible).

With the lap band, there are side effects that have to be kept in mind when deciding to commit to this surgery. Side effects after the surgery or lap band revision may include vomiting (if food is consumed too quickly), constipation, and heartburn.

The lap band system ranges from $15,000 to $18,000. The lap band is covered by most insurance, but if insurance doesn’t have bariatric coverage there is also medical financing available. Not all insurance covers bariatric procedures. It is important to make sure if you do want to use insurance as a method of payment that it would have a bariatric insurance option.

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