Encouraging your kid to nap and sleep

When your kids are tired they become very cranky. Do you know that is also true when they don’t get enough sleep? Up to one year old need at least 13 hours of sleep a day. Five year olds may not nap during the day, but need at least 10 – 12 hours of sleep a night. How do you make sure they get enough sleep?

Develop a sleep and nap time routine and stick to it
If your young one is in daycare, make sure you discuss his or her nap time routine with your babysitter. Follow the same routine on weekends.

Provide a sleeping mood
You may have to adjust your relaxation time like watching TV in the night to avoid distraction to your kid’s sleep. Limit their stimulating activities in the night so that they get into a sleepy mood at their bedtime.

Avoid stimulating activities after dinner
Avoid game time after dinner. Playing music may get them to sleep much faster.

Control the sleep environment
Make sure to provide them with a cozy environment so that they fall sleep and continue to sleep through the entire night. Maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home.

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