Enjoy holidays while losing weight

Article submitted by Working Health Remedies.

Holidays may add moderate weight, let’s say couple of pounds, to your body weight. According to recent research publications even though the number of pounds gained during holidays are not that excessive you could have a hard time losing it. This is why holiday weight gain is bad for everyone. Here are some proven strategies that will help you to lose weight while enjoying your holidays.

  • Stick to your workout routine during holidays. This will help you to maintain your weight goal and stay fit. Adjust your routine to accommodate tasty holiday meals.
  • Plan ahead your holiday activities. Account for those tasty meals you are planning to eat and adjust your workout accordingly. Compensate those calorie loaded meals with less calorie meals rest of the time during holidays. Lean protein, fruits and vegetable still can give you enough nutrition to maintain your body and strength. Also important is to adjust your schedule so that you can find time to exercise. Planning ahead can help you to just do that.
  • Do not postpone your workouts to sometime in January. Even with a busy schedule, do exercise during holidays. Find ways to keep you motivated to do the right thing for your body and soul.