Fat burning power of Vitamin C

Guest post is written by Cellan. Vitamin C is proven to help lose belly fat and Cellan Diet contains it as one of its main ingredients.

People at a certain age and women generally have a hard time loosing fat and keep losing continuously. Our stressful lifestyle brings in more fat that comes in many forms. We all know belly fat all too well. It is not only leads to large waist line but also cause many diseases. Spikes in your cortisol level cause you to increase your belly fat. Cortisol breakdown lean muscles that helps to burn fat calories and cause to hold most of the fat especially in the belly area. Cutting your stress level could help you to lose some belly fat formation but you need more than that. Starting a healthy diet, lifestyle that include a regular exercise program and certain supplements especially a supplement that contains Vitamin C could help you to burn more belly fat. Under stress many of us accumulate more cortisol hormone that is known to build fat. Vitamin C contain a compound that helps your body to convert fat into energy and help you burn more fat. This is why Cellan Diet Pills contains Vitamin C among other ingredients that help you to burn fat and lose weight.