Fitness tips to practice during holidays

The holiday shopping, visiting family and friends, and working late hardly leaves you with any time to devote to your exercise routine.  Holidays add at least another five pounds to most of our weight.  We make another resolution at the beginning of next year to lose weight.  Instead of making a new resolution year after year, here are some holiday tips that you can practice to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

  • Alcohol not only loaded with calories but also gets you drunk allowing you to load up on food.  So, do your best to control your alcohol intake during the holidays.  Wine is a better choice than hard liquor and desert drinks.  Red wine contains anti-oxidants and averages to about 100 calories per glass.  Beer is full of calories too; choose a light beer instead of the regular.  Champagne has 100 calories per glass compared to 450 calories of Vodka or Kahlua.
  • Drink plenty of water before going to a party to keep you full and prevent you from over indulgence.
  • Most homemade eggnog contains 400 to 500 calories.  Super market varieties without alcohol carry 100 to 200 calories per glass.
  • Consuming 500 less calories a day can bring your weight down by one to two pounds a week.