Get in Wedding Shape

There are many reasons that people consider attending summer weight loss camps to lose weight in an intensive program. Often, it might be because people are interested in slimming down in time for a special event. And what’s more special than your wedding day?

Many brides like to plan events with their bridesmaids in lieu of a more traditional shower or bachelorette party.  Weekends relaxing at a spa or enjoying the sights in Las Vegas are popular choices. But setting aside time for a weight loss vacation is becoming more and more popular for bridal parties. It’s not much of a surprise that many brides are interested in this option — studies show that as many as 70% of brides-to-be are interested in dropping  at least a few pounds before their wedding day arrives.

The intensive routines at a bridal boot camp are designed to help promote rapid weight loss, just what brides needs as the big date grows closer. A hardcore workout is especially helpful for targeting those trouble areas that a bride might feel self-conscious about in her wedding dress. Bridesmaids also may be worried about these areas (most often stomachs and underarms) even if they aren’t the center of attention when the day arrives.

Perhaps most important, these programs mean you’ll be starting your new life as healthy and happy as possible.