Get Rid of Stress with Asian Massage

An ideal way to get rid of stress from your body is through relaxation and meditation. However, many of us find it hard to relax at work with the deadlines and stressful comments from our bosses. Taking a vacation sounds like a good option but would take time off your weekend duties. Another option that can help is to spend an hour or two at the spa.

Typically, an hour-long massage can work wonders to the body. Spa and retreat centers can offer several types of Asian massages ranging from half hour to two hour sessions. Pressure and stretching degrees can vary depending on the type of massage and the preferences of the recipient. Among the most popular today in NYC Asian Massage are Shiatsu, Thai, and Chinese massages. Korean massage NYC can also be categorized as a heavy massage but can work wonders in relaxing muscles for several days.

Shiatsu massages are among the best types to distress a tense body. It originates from Japan and uses finger pressure to improve the flow of energy through your muscles. Another type of Asian massage is Nuat Phaen Thai from Thailand, and one full session can last for about two hours. Thai massage incorporates some yoga positions for the recipient, while the massage practitioner stretches and presses on different parts of the body to loosen joints. You can book a session on Garden Retreat Spa in NYC for an hour long Shiatsu session. They have the best massage NYC packages that are affordable but can make you feel energized and relaxed for days.