Go meatless one day a week

Cutting meat one day a week could bring you lot of goodness to your body. In the height of the summer it is lot easier to find green alternatives for meat. Fresh vegetables are found every corner and in your supermarket.

If you crave for meat for lunch or dinner, consider alternatives. Tofu, a soybean product that resembles and taste like meat when prepared is a good alternative. Tofu comes in fresh as well as dried form. Dried tofu looks and feel like meat without the saturated fat. You can cook dried tofu to taste like chicken. You can fry up a piece of fresh Tofu to give the look and taste of meat.

Rice and beans could provide the same dietary value you get from meat. Whole grain rice such as any brand of brown rice provides additional healthy fiber that your body needs. Beans are an excellent alternative to meat due to its nutritional content.

If you like grilling, grill some vegetables. Corn taste much better when grilled. Toss in few grilled vegetables together to make a refreshing summer salad for the evening. Add few slices of cheese to get the nutritional values as well as the texture and taste.

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