Healthy Fast-Food and Family Restaurant Food

Healthy-fast-food-and-family-restaurant-foodThere are plenty of fast-food and family restaurants available for you to choose a healthier meal whether it is for lunch or dinner or even for your breakfast. In 1990s it was the McDonalds that dominated the fast-food market with its signature McLean Deluxe. In 2000s, Jared Fogel started Subway where you can buy a six inch sub that contained less than 300 calories. These restaurants gave us a healthy choice at an affordable price.

On the restaurant side Applebee’s, Denny’s, IHOP and the likes who used to offer 2,290 calorie entrees are now offering leaner calorie conscious menus.

Consumer demand for healthy choices at an affordable price seems to have changed the psyche of the family restaurant and fast-food chains. They also offer something more; the taste.

The fast-food and family restaurants are also becoming true to their claims of low-fat, low-calorie or diet claims. These claims were once considered as a marketing ploy, but now becoming a true claim. This is attracting a new breed of healthy conscious quick meal crowed to fast-food and family restaurants. The Federal regulations that require restaurant chains with more than 20 stores to post calorie count on the menu also helped to improve the offerings.

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