High blood pressure: Avoided or controlled maybe even cured without drugs?

Your doctor tells you you have high blood pressure, whats next where should you turn. This is not a death sentence but it does mean you may have to make some life style changes. Remember what you do to your body directly correlates to your health thus the saying “good in good out.” So whats the first step, who should you talk to? Where can you turn for help and most important do you need drugs to control your condition? 

First off your doctor is not the enemy he is there to help guide you and his opinion should hold a great deal of weight. But also look at your own habits coffee, tea, tobacco, energy drinks and never forget your activity level. The hole idea of bringing your blood pressure back into the normal range without the use of drugs over the counter or not is all about balance. Along with that always keep in mind that stress can have allot to do with blood pressure as well. Hand in hand with that for some is the use of tobacco, there are many different places to find support for quiting and the best time to quit is now. Never go against your doctors advice for obvious reasons, but look at yourself and what you can change. Maybe you can skip that cup of coffee or take the stairs instead of the elevator. And when in doubt ask your doctor he is your main resource and guide to healthy living.