Hollywood Smile Laser Teeth Whitening

Everyone would like to have a Hollywood smile. While there are serious problems of tooth misalignment or misshapen teeth, another serious problem plagues many more people. This is teeth discoloration. It is easily remedied by laser teeth whitening in a dentist’s office. However, many do not realize how safe and effective these techniques are for their smile.

Your smile makes a subconscious impression on every person you meet face to face, like it or not. The whiter the smile, the more beautiful, youthful, and innocent you appear in their minds. You can take 10 years off your age simply by whitening your teeth a few shades.

Contrary to popular belief, teeth whitening is not expensive. The latest dental technologies have placed teeth whitening within reach of the common person.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that 99.7% of adults believe a smile is a valuable social tool, 74% believe a bad smile can negatively impact a person’s career opportunities, and that most people claim that the one thing they would most like to improve in their smile is the whiteness of their teeth. Perhaps you feel the same way.

Teeth become discolored by many agents. The main ones include genetics, antibiotics, foods, and simply a darkening with age. Flouride exposure tetracycline, tooth decay, and trauma can all contribute to internal tooth discoloration, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


It is important to your appearance and your future to consult with cosmetic dentists to determine what you can do to improve your smile. Toronto dentists are striving to stay on the cutting edge of teeth whitening technology. So if you are able to get to Toronto or live in or near Toronto, first check out sites like Toronto Smile Makeovers, or any number of others, and prepare yourself to become more youthful, cheerful, and successful through your whiter smile.