Home remedies for urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections can be a painful and uncomfortable condition that afflicts many people, mostly women. Research has shown that one in five women will suffer from the condition at least once. Prevention is best and there are simple methods that can prevent an UTI though you may need antibiotics to treat the infection.

Cranberry juice

Natural components in cranberries prevent bacteria from attaching themselves to cells in the body and helps fight infections already present in the body.

Urinate frequently

Do not hold urine for long periods of time and empty the bladder completely as any urine left in the bladder will increase the risk of bacteria growing resulting in an UTI.

Drink plenty of water

This requires you to urinate more which will flush out the bacteria from your body.

Vitamin C

Have an adequate amount of Vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet. In addition to boosting your immunity it produces urine acids which destroy bacteria in your urinary tract.

Wear cotton underwear

This allows air to circulate and keep the area dry. Avoid tight fitting jeans and nylon underwear which trap moisture which helps bacteria grow.

Good hygiene

Always wipe from front to back to avoid bacteria from entering the urinary tract.

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