How to Purchase Tanning Spray Guns

Everyone wants to a tan, toned, and blemish-free body. But not everyone is willing to expose their bodies to harmful UV rays. This is where sunless tanning comes into the picture. Sunless tanning is a popular alternative to dangerous tanning booths and sun tanning. After all, it’s fast, easy, and healthy for the skin. For this reason, beauty salons, estheticians, and other beauty professionals are investing their time and money into learning how to apply an airbrush tan.

Also called a spray tan or sunless tan, airbrush tanning requires specific tools and products, including tanning spray guns. But if you’re new to this treatment, you might be overwhelmed by the number of different guns on the market. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find a gun that is suitable for your business. Here’s a look at the different kinds of tanning spray guns on the market.

MaxiMist SprayMate HVLP Tanning System: This turbine system is a popular way to apply a spray tan. An airbrush and compressor in one, the gun is able to create a full body, two coat spray tan in three minutes or less. Ideal for estheticians on the go or mobile beauty salons, this spray gun is easy to learn and extremely lightweight. The list price for this model is around $260, but you can find it for a lot less if you shop at the right online retailer.

Apollo Sprayer Mini Mist/HVLP TrueSpray Tanning System: This is a portable, affordable, and reliable spray tanning system that can be used anywhere. It’s easy to use and produces a high volume of air at a very low pressure. It is ideal for salons, spas, and independent technicians. It features an attractive, sleek style and can be customized to suit every salon. Use it to apply organic airbrush tanning solution for a flawless spray tan. This model is available for around $500.

Fuji Spray Tanning HVLP System- 2100M Mini Tan M: Designed to be quiet, this model is ideal for businesses on the go. It is easy to use, features a non-bleed valve, and has an ergonomic handle that never gets hot. The non-bleed valve means that there is less dust and turbulence in the spray area and less solution buildup on the top of the fluid nozzle. After you use the gun to apply the spray tan, you can also use it to blow-dry the client’s body. It comes with a user manual, cleaning brush, and wrench.


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