How to Refinish a Chair With Custom Cushions

Refinishing a chair with a patio cushion is a nice way to bring a chair back to life. You need nothing more than a screwdriver, a staple gun, a hammer, a paintbrush, and a few assorted tools as needed. When you want to refinish a chair on your own, you will need a space to work and a few hours of time to spend on the project.

Remove The Old Cushions

It’s simple to remove old cushions. Removing the old cushions of the chair is the first step in the refinishing process. You will notice that the cushion has wicked away some of the stain, and you will also notice that the chair may have marks from where the cushion was stapled or fastened on. Before you add the replacement cushion, you will need to re-stain these areas and let them dry. You can usually pry the cushion up using the prying end of a hammer. Allow enough time for the drying process.

The Stain

You need to use a stain that is going to match the other furniture in your home. Your stain will need to go on in several coats, and you will need to allow the stain to dry after every coat. This process should take a few days to get the best results from the stain. You can also apply a finishing stain to the chair to give it a worn look. The final look depends on your personal taste and the style you’re going for. Be aware that a slightly wet chair will still be tacky, and the cushions will stick to the chair.

The Cushions

How do you select new cushions for your chairs? The new cushions on your chair must be chosen to complement the color of the chair. Also, your cushions must be made of a fabric that will work in the setting where you plan to use the chair. Most cushions are rough, and these rough cushions will scratch the stain. A softer cushion is more comfortable, better to look at and easier on the chair.

When you want to bring your chairs back to life, you can follow the steps above to make these chairs look wonderful. Your patience will be rewarded when you invest your time in plans that are going to result in a brand new chair that looks better in the context of your home. Don’t forget to purchase quality replacement cushions.
Carlo Badalamenti writes on behalf of The Foam Factory, a distributor of cushion replacements and discount mattress toppers.