How to spot the signs of a cavity in a young child

Article written by Elite Dental Group

Tooth problems can be difficult for adults as they can disrupt sleep and work arrangements. Likewise for young children tooth pain can be even more troublesome as they may not know how to communicate their pain, causing them to get irritable.

The following signs can help parents identify when their child is experiencing tooth pain.

They complain – In some instances a child may complain of tooth pain if a tooth is breaking through. However, it is important to look into a child’s mouth to identify the source of the pain. If a cavity is developing, your child will have pain even when they are not eating or drinking.

They complain of gum pain – Gum pain is also an indication that your child is misinterpreting the source of their pain. Improper brushing can also cause gum pain as brushing too hard can damage gums. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to check for cavities. Supervising young children as they brush and floss their teeth, can reduce cavities, and help teach children how to brush correctly.

There are spots on your child’s teeth – White, brown, or dark spots can indicate that your child is developing a cavity. As the decaying process progresses the tooth will turn black. If a tooth is severely damaged an extraction will be required.

Pain while eating – If a child complains when they eat or are not eating as they usually would, it can be an indication of a cavity. Some children can pinpoint the exact spot when eating, making locating the cavity a lot easier.

Spotting cavities early, especially in young children can help a dentist rectify the issue and most often reduce the chances of an extraction. Encouraging young children to practice good dental habits together with eating a healthy balanced diet can help them maintain healthy teeth for life.

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